Tint And Shine Your Way to Showroom Quality!

Nate’s Custom Shine and Tint is more than just an automobile services company. We are your one-stop-shop for window tinting, paint correction, and ceramic coat protection.  Whether you’re looking for an amazing finish on your vehicle or want to keep the sunlight out of your eyes, we are the automobile specialist to hire in Northeast, PA, and beyond!


When it comes to window tinting, we are your Northeast, PA solution!  With an eye for both protection of your vehicle’s interior and your eyes, we use the highest quality window tinting materials and are focused on window tinting that lasts!

Long gone are the days of wrinkled window tints!  At Nate’s Custom Shine and Tint, our professional technicians will apply your personalized window tint shade to create a stunning look for your vehicle!


You can protect your car like it’s fine china with our ceramic coating service!  Featuring a proprietary ceramic coating material, this service is the ideal way to protect your vehicle from all of the elements.  Whether you’re concerned about winter salting’s, excessive sun in the summer, or just road hazards such as rocks, our ceramic coating procedure will keep your automobile looking shiny and new!


Give your car some love and help its finish stay in tip-top shape with our paint correction service.  Buying a vehicle is the second most expensive expenditure that most consumers will partake in their lifetimes!  This is why it is important for you to maintain the exterior!  Whether you’re a car swapper and make a vehicle purchase frequently or your ride in your car until it dies, our paint correction service will help maintain your car’s trade-in value as well as its stunning good looks!





Ceramic Coatings



About Us

Nate’s Custom Shine And Tint LLC


Nate’s Custom Shine and Tint is an independently owned and operated company that serves North East PA with the highest quality materials and most sought-after auto services.  Not only do we provide materials that will keep your car looking its best, but we also have talented installers on staff to ensure that you receive great service with every auto project!

We Are Proud to Serve You With the Following Auto Services:

  • Window Tinting
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Paint Correction

Really Great Looking Cars Are Our Reality!

At Nate’s Custom Shine and Tint, we understand your exterior auto maintenance needs.  Not only do we install high-quality materials, but we also know the importance of having superior products that will enhance the look of your vehicle. In fact, we are more than just an auto services company.  We are a company that is dedicated to the happiness of our clientele!