About Us

Nate’s Custom Shine And Tint LLC


Nate’s Custom Shine and Tint is an independently owned and operated company that serves North East PA with the highest quality materials and most sought-after auto services.  Not only do we provide materials that will keep your car looking its best, but we also have talented installers on staff to ensure that you receive great service with every auto project!

We Are Proud to Serve You With the Following Auto Services:

  • Window Tinting
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Paint Correction

Really Great Looking Cars Are Our Reality!

At Nate’s Custom Shine and Tint, we understand your exterior auto maintenance needs.  Not only do we install high-quality materials, but we also know the importance of having superior products that will enhance the look of your vehicle. In fact, we are more than just an auto services company.  We are a company that is dedicated to the happiness of our clientele!